Bharat Nagar Cleanliness Drive 

Rouble Nagis NGO is doing yoemen service in the slums of Mumbai. She has been adding vibrant colours to the drab lives of the under- privileged slum dwellers. She has been painting their houses in the vibrant , bright and primary colours that bring joy- not dull pastel shades of Coral pink and Grey but Bright Primry colours- Red, blue green that give a magical Psychedelic look to the depressing landscapes of squalor and poverty.. On 16 oct afternoon she invited me to Join a clean up safai drive in theDharvi slums. i was delighted by many of the Slum children - a large numberr told me they wanted to Join the Armd foces. God bless these children who stay so bright and cheerrful even in the most dismal sorroundings. God bless you Rouble beta for adding life and colour to their drab lives. it was exhilerating to see those brright prrrimarry colours. we must prrrevail upon the Mumbai administration to clean up that river which is choked with filth and garbage.It will transform the place. i appeal to the govt of mahrashtra to send some dredgers to Dredge out that river.

Major General G.D SM, VSM
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Slum Painting and repairing initiative by Artist Rouble Nagi, currently painting over 83000 plus houses in slums and villages all over India, along with Cleanliness Drives and Sanitation and Hygiene workshops. We will be doing this with the help locals and residents. Do join us.


T: + 91 99202 07155​