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Slums are densely populated, neglected parts of cities where housing and living conditions are exceptionally poor. Misaal Initiative is a slum transformation programme, at its basic level, involves improving the physical environment of the existing area, addressing issues like education for children, women empowerment, employment for youth, hygiene and sanitation.




To explore the effects of slum upgrading strategies involving physical environment and infrastructure interventions like painting and cleaning with the involvement of the local residents and communities. This will have a positive effect on health, quality of life and socio-economic wellbeing of urban slum dwellers in low and middle-income countries (LMIC). 

Rouble Nagi Art Foundation's mission incorporated all possible areas of growth and development that we can undertake for uplifting the deprived section of the society. 



About Misaal Mumbai


What: “Misaal Mumbai” is an initiative by Social Activist and Artist Rouble Nagi.
When: It started with Paint Dharavi in 2016, with the dream to impact & transform lives through Art. 
Where: Our presence is over 176 localities pan India (Slums and villages) 


The main goal of this project is to make the slum areas cleaner and more hygienic than before, using Community Art as the primary medium and entryway into sanitation, cleanliness drives, awareness of basic illnesses, health camps, skill development and education. It aims at instilling values such as gender equality, social justice, the spirit of community service, eco-friendliness in the slums and villages and their people so that they get transformed & grow into role-models for others. We are proud to support the Government’s initiative of Swaccha Bharat Abhiyaan and even take it forward in our trademark style, of painting and aestheticizing living spaces. Art, we realized is the fulcrum point of all other efforts in our community development work, since it offers a dignified living atmosphere for people who often have much lesser than they deserve. 

We focus on holistic development, RNAF transforms the youth by inculcating skills, developing personalities and creating employment opportunities for them. 




After the project completion, data is collected on the perspectives of slum dwellers regarding their needs, preferences for and satisfaction with interventions received. Till date we have painted more than 150,000 houses . Building self-reliant networks is another objective of Rouble Nagi Art Foundation. The self-reliant strategy relies on the willingness and ability of people of a community to rely on their own resources. It requires the optional use of all available human, natural and technological resources

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The following infographic depicts the Outcomes we are expecting based on the plan

and intervention trajectory:

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Misaal Mumbai Slum Transformation Team Structure

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Misaal Kashmir

Areas Covered:​ Pattan ​Sopore ​Handwara ​Gom Ahmadpur

Project Status : ongoing


Misaal Kashmir is a programme run by Rouble Nagi Art Foundation in Rural Kashmir. This is a part of the Misaal India initiative launched in 2018, the programme was designed by Rouble Nagi where it benefited the less privileged people living in slums and villages across India.The basic objective of Misaal Kashmir is development to improve the quality of life of the people. We observe that the major causes for slow economic and social development in these parts of Kashmir is lack of opportunity and exposure .With the help on the Indian Armed forces we have become a partner, to help run the Skill centres in remote areas of Kashmir.When the women and youth are productively employed , it can become an asset and resource.


Vision | Objective


Create more Employment/job opportunities for youth and women in Kashmir valley. Our focus and sole reason for existence is children especially children living in the Kashmir . The family of the child is the medium through which the development takes place. Organisation and sensitisation of the community is the approach through which empowerment, capacity building and social transformation are attempted. When the women and youth are productively employed , it can become an asset and resource.


Through Misaal Kashmir Initiative we aim to act as a catalyst for bringing about social, economic empowerment of women belonging to the underprivileged sections of society through interventions in the areas like micro-enterprises, entrepreneurship development and health.


Activities :

Art Camp: The importance of education is well known by all of us. But in these areas, where violence, frustration, and insecurities run high due to the socio-economic context, it becomes crucial to provide the children with an environment where they can learn to read, write and think independently. An intelligent way to significantly affect the dropout rates, improve retention and ensure enrolment, is to show that learning can be fun! The Art Camps are a huge success since the children, once engaged in art & craft, are able to experience joy firsthand, instead of merely being promised of it. These Art Camps are a threshold into listing their names down and taking registrations for a brand new Balwadi (Centre for Children) that will be set up. Once a Balwadi is set up, it will have and host more sessions and classes on art, craft, painting, etc. Volunteers from the Armed Forces are welcome to come and have a look and even conduct an art activity!


Balwadis – Learning Centres for Children: These centres are created once we’ve built a rapport with the community and conducted our threshold activity of Art Camps. The registrations we receive from keen community members, translate into enrolment at our own Balwadi – a space taken up, painted and made ready by our team, to welcome the children. The children begin to attend the art classes at the Balwadi and this activity continues throughout the year once it’s begun. It’s not a one-time intervention. These Balwadis become safe spaces for children to come, learn new things, meet different people, engage with many skilled volunteers and professionals, express themselves better and go home happy. This is turn leads to them building confidence, an increased interest in learning, studying and excelling and them realizing their true potential, because of our continuous support and mentoring.


Women Empowerment Camps: Women empowerment camps will focus on increasing the employability of women and current issues being faced by them in relation to the same. We create a platform where the ideas of Self-Reliance, Entrepreneurship & Employability are all put out there, in front of the women of the communities. Slum communities are built on multitudes of socio-cultural contexts and the idea of a woman working and earning an income is still one that has to be negotiated at times. In fact, cleaning and cooking are probably the only acceptable work forms and our aim is to draw attention to how small businesses that are running from home, or respectable jobs in companies and institutions can be a reality for the woman and her family. This is a threshold camp, wherein we seek to open the mind of the community and try to find as many women as possible, who are interested in becoming a part of the Skill Training Centre. Skill


Training Centre: Our Skill Training programme for employability will be used as an agent of change in promoting women’s employment and independence. The Skill Centre set up by Rouble Nagi Art Foundation will be about accessing skills and techniques which are productive for employment of women. This will also be done keeping in mind the existing knowledge and skill set each woman comes with. With a little guidance, mentoring and skill shaping, we are aiming to encourage woman entrepreneurs. We’ve decided to begin with basic tailoring courses which will cover all aspects of sowing, stitching, mending and embroidery.

Misaal Hyderabad


The Misaal Hyderabad Initiative is a complete slum/basti transformation project which functions to dignify the lives of the unfortunate who reside in those localities. We wish to launch into deeper, meaningful work with local communities, using Art as the gateway and medium of building trust. The locations we have selected for The Phoenix Group project is the slum located in Babu Jagjivan Rao Nagar




  • Building Trust and Rapport

  • Spreading Awareness of Hygiene

  • Carrying out Cleanliness Drives

  • Mobilising Communities to practice Segregation of Waste

  • Awareness of Basic Illnesses and Diseases 

  • Provision of Basic Health Tests and Medical Inputs

  • To Reduce Drop-Outs and Ensure Continued Enrolment

  • Creation of Baalwadis for Young Disengaged Slum Children

  • Motivate Women and Expose them to Entrepreneurship and Self-Reliance 

  • Providing Women with Skill Training for Livelihoods 

  • Spread Joy, Love & Dignity Through Art

Supported By : The Pheonix Foundation

Misaal Rajasthan Project - Village Transformation 




The project will focus on aspects - Employability Enhancement ( Employment Generation) for women and youth. The skill development project aims to create the demand of the skill workforce in various industries. This project is primarily a “Employment Oriented Skill Development Training to  Underprivileged Women and Youth of the slum/village.


Edu-hub, a community learning center, which will focus on imparting skill-based training as an alternate livelihood option to traditional agricultural practices. It will also act as a platform to highlight the importance of adequate sanitation practices to the community.


We will specifically seek the active participation of women and girls through the formation of self-help groups (SHGs) as a tool for socio-economic development. The groups will provide vocational training, encourage entrepreneurship and impart life skills, empowering them in the process. 

Rouble Nagi Art Foundation Center in Jawli Village 

Students enrolled: 1300

Women Skill Enrollment: 725

Misaal Center in Jawali Rajasthan 


We believe that skill development is a powerful agent of social transformation. Providing vocational training, we feel, will not only bridge the gap between skilled and unskilled labourers but also help the rural women with better employment and self-employment opportunities. The RNAF Center in Jawali is going to serve women, children and youth. The objective is to provide a platform to the women and youth, supporting them in learning the desired skill sets that will make them employable and empower them to earn their living. We will also help in setting up small businesses and become local entrepreneurs.


The center will provide pre-school programs cover a variety of locations and methods of delivery. We will be offering a distance education model of early childhood certification for our instructors. This will be an important way of providing support for children from villages and their families for developing early foundational skills and to facilitate their transition into formal schools.


We also intend to provide access to information, knowledge and skill to the citizens using various components of the Digital India initiative. The objective is to create young entrepreneurs and become agents of change in rural India. 

Kalwa East and West, Thane,MH


Community Art Project: Rouble Nagi Art Foundation

Location: Kalwa West and East, Thane MH

Wall: 3.5 Km

Since its inception in 2018, the Misaal Mumbai initiated has successfully transformed more than 163 slums and villages,  created over 200 wall murals. This was the first time the program was brought to Thane, highlighting the conservation of natural resources and the environment. 

Art has massive power to move people to social change.

Misaal Mumbai's uses art as an innovative medium for awareness, we become advocates, challenging the biggest issues of our time. 

Supported By Thane Municipal Corporation 

                           Mr. Jitendra Awhad