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About us 

“Misaal Mumbai” is an initiative by social activist Rouble Nagi. It started with Paint Dharavi in 2016 and now in numerous Areas in Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra. Over 150,000 plus houses have been transformed by us till now. Rouble Nagi and her team painted these slums by including locals, volunteers and residents. The result was an explosion of rainbow hues that would be visible from far away, stretching from one dwelling to the next in a wave of unexpected energy.


It is a quick way to create visual impact. Our projects will also employ people and give them a sense of ownership over the work they create in their own community while improving the condition of their houses in slums and villages. Art opens a window for discussion and some positive news from places. Colourful surroundings will change the lives of the local community living in the slums. The main goal is to give life to the slum and keep it clean and hygienic. Everything will be bright and colourful. Misaal Mumbai/India is not only about painting the walls. 

The main aim is to connect to people through Art, bring a positive change in their mindset. Educating through art about the importance of Children Education, empowering Women, creating Job opportunities for Youth, Cleanliness, Hygiene, Sanitation, Waste Management- say No to Plastic & Children health in Slums & Villages. ​Colours will fade in a few years but the positive change we want to bring in peoples mind will stay forever & encourage many more. 


Colourful and clean surroundings will change the lives of the local community in slums. We merely want to create interventions, that hopefully ignite some positive change. 


In the end, we hope our Project “ MISAAL MUMBAI” will help others to set up projects of their own, be it Mumbai or anywhere else in India. Its the first slum transformation initiative in India. We are currently working in over 163 slums and villages across India. Our Initiative has signed a partnership with the Government of Maharashtra under Mahaparivartan.

Be creatively Courageous.


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Final Outcome of the "Misaal Programme":

To recapitulate, the basic premise of the Misaal programme, is people living in slums are positively impacted, areas, where significant changes are seen, are health, education, nutrition, social relationships and traditions. In fact, if physical conditions at home improve, then it impacts the other aspects of development. 

Slum Transformation is poverty alleviation. For a poor family in a slum, their home is a productive asset – it is their workplace. Hence, if their home and its environ are upgraded and secured, it is a major contribution to their lives.


A change in their attitudes will also be observed as some of them are now even willing to pay taxes on their own, have developed a strong desire for better living conditions. Instances were recorded where Misaal Mumbai local slum volunteers were giving information and guidance to other slums for joining the initiative. As a result, some slums have themselves taken the initiative to approach municipal authorities to extend Misaal Mumbai programme to their slums. Below we’ve listed the areas of emphasis in the project, as part of this conclusion.

 Hygiene and Sanitation 

  • Open defecation-free

  • Better waste management system

  • Better sense of hygiene



  • Importance of Education

  • Lesser dropout rate from schools

  • Fueling creativity 

  • Inspiration for a better future 


Women Empowerment

  • Awareness and legal rights

  • Creating women entrepreneurs in slums 

  • Better personal hygiene



  • Less expenditure on illness. 

  • Reduced incidence of illness. 

  • Better cleanliness and personal hygiene 

  • Cleaner surrounding environment



  • Less harassment, quarrels, more privacy and dignity. 

  • Improved neighbourhood relations. 

  • Higher status and greater respect in community. 

  • Reduced tensions in family and marital life.

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