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Empowering Action: Haji Ali's New Sculpture Promotes Engagement and Inspiration Through Art

Haji Ali gets its own # Sculpture 😊😍 As an artist I feel that #hashtag is “really a movement” & has been since a while now, the hope is that the hashtag will inspire action & serve as a springboard that people can use to launch themselves from online conversation to real-world action. In some way, the hashtag becomes a symbol of empowerment it creates an opportunity for sustained engagement & makes sure that governmental organisations know it & inspire further action. Art is a powerful communicator ,looking at & being in nature is the way I understand how to navigate my life. I see nature as a teacher. The design & colours for the sculpture are inspired by the surrounding, it’s a combination of shapes, colours & textures, put together to create simple yet powerful design. Bringing art to the highways, byways & promenade so people can discover & engage with great art in unexpected places #art @artist #publicart

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