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Empowering Villages: Misaal Mumbai's Six-Point Agenda for Rural Development Across India

It is our belief that in the heart of the villages that a nation lives. Indeed, “the soul of India is in the toil of the rural areas”. The welfare of India depends upon the prosperity of the villages. Misaal Mumbai has been working in Villages across India for sometime now. Rural development is important and Misaal Mumbai is working with a six point agenda:

Education of the masses

Establishment of night schools for adults

improvement of sanitation

Provisions for cheap medical aid

Construction of good roads

Establishment of co-operative credit societies

In this way, each village should be developed into a self-sufficient unit. We are currently working in seven different states in India, and are happy to see people from different cities and states are Inspired by Misaal Mumbai initiative and are taking it forward in their areas #misaalmumbai

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