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Empowering Women in the Creative Industry: Uniting Forces for Gender Equality #India2047 #FICCI_FLO_Mumbai

Delighted to speak on Empowering Women for India@2047 hosted by @ficci_flo_mumbai @ficci_india @akburman in Mumbai.

It is important to address challenges like Gender pay gap, Limited opportunities, Balancing work & family responsibilities, Lack of supportive policies & infrastructure, Access to Skill development & mentorship programs, Advocacy & awareness about women’s rights, holistically & collaboratively, involving stakeholders from the creative industry, Govt.bodies & civil society organisations to create an environment that promotes gender equality & supports the economic growth of women in the creative industry in #India Together, we can achieve anything we set our minds to. Let's celebrate the incredible strength, support & resilience of women everywhere. @studio.saksham @rnartfoundation

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