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Making life easier for people living in slums- Rouble Nagi

We’ve all seen pictures and television footage of people living in slums across the world and especially in India. But what you might not know is that there’s a slum population of more than one billion people and that by 2020, this figure is expected to double. The aim of Misaal Mumbai is to improve the quality of life for poor people living in slums by providing a more hygienic living condition, beautifying their homes along with repairs ,waterproofing roofs and improving sanitation. Along with a team of local painters from the area we execute the painting after discussing with the residents. Mumbai's Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) has undertaken the rehabilitation in certain parts, but then till that time people living here don’t need to suffer year after year. This has all been possible because of all the help we received from friends, local administration and people who helped us begin. What started with a visit to my students house turned into an initiative and now we have launched the ‘Misaal Mumbai’ project. It all started with a bucket of paint and brush.

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