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Misaal Mumbai Changing slums with a splash of color

After turning the slums of Mumbai into a work of art, we have planned to hold the Misaal Mumbai Conclave in November this year.

We're all all set to launch the Misaal Mumbai conclave in November this year. This conclave will be the first of its kind to be held in a slum and an urban village, where attendees can witness first-hand the beautiful and colorful work of Misaal Mumbai.

Since forming Misaal Mumbai, We've been working tirelessly for the transformations of slums and villages in India.

The event has been designed to create opportunities and facilitate social change in relation to slum and urban village dwellers. Through this creation, which serves as a platform for discussion between politicians, influencers and local community leaders, we aim to bring about social transformation.

Some of the biggest names from politics, business, Bollywood, and notable social activists will be a part of the conclave, which will be streamed live.

There will be public cultural exchange experience, aiming to bridge the gap between the two worlds and give a message of positive social change. A lively mixture of music , art, spoken word, workshops and digital engagements will be on offer, all designed to get people of all ages thinking, interacting and learning from each other.

The aim of Misaal Mumbai Conclave is to propagate unity between urban communities through the exchange of ideas, skills and culture. Some of the topics that will be addressed are cleanliness, child education, women empowerment, sanitation and hygiene, healthcare and adaptability in the face of change.

We believe every community comes with a unique set of cultural offerings as well as their own social issues to resolve, by lifting each other up, learning from each other, smashing preconceptions and forming friendships, we're confident that not only will the lives of the slum and urban village dwellers improve, but also of those who participate in the process.

With plans to take the initiative across India and to the rest of the world, we believe that lives will be improved, communities will be united and a better future will be built.

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